Toby Keith Brutally Makes Fun Of Himself In New Song ‘Sh**** Golfer’

officialtobykeith / Instagram

Country superstar Toby Keith gets real about his horrid golf game with a brand new song off his forthcoming album The Bus Songs. Fittingly titled “Sh**** Golfer,” the hilarious new track is to be featured on the album compiled of a collection of songs “that probably should never been aired but got aired.”

Staying true to the tune’s name, Keith delivers a hysterical confessional about how bad he is at golfing, staking claim that if you aren’t “playing on TV,” you too are most likely a “Sh**** Golfer.” Previewing fans for the hilarity that is soon to ensue, the country singer took to Instagram to share a video of him struggling to drive a golf cart to promote the song.


The Songwriters Hall of Fame member and Oklahoma-native has become known for his witty “bus songs” that he writes with his friends while cracking open a few cold ones on his tour bus. The “bus songs” are typically written about rarely discussed topics, including his latest HIGH-larious single “Wacky Tobaccy.”

In addition to “Sh**** Golfer” and “Wacky Tobaccy,” other tracks to come off his upcoming album include “Hell No,” “Call A Marine,” Runnin’ Block,” and more.

You can check out a recent concert performance of “Sh**** Golfer” below.