Miley Cyrus Confesses Best Part Of Dolly Parton Being Her Godmother

YouTube/Lehren Hollywood

Opening up in a brand new interview, this polarizing pop/country star reveals her favorite part about having Dolly Parton as her godmother – but it’s not quite what you’d think!

For her whole life, the queen of country music has been a part of Miley Cyrus‘ world, and now as an adult, there are so many things that Cyrus has learned from Parton being around her.

Parton, a world-renowned musician, movie star, author, and insanely successful businesswoman, has been in the spotlight for decades before Cyrus came into the world. This incredible experience has blessed her with lessons to share with her goddaughter – and now, Miley is sharing her favorite part about having Parton in her life!

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, Miley Cyrus reveals that her relationship with Parton definitely has its own perks, but the biggest one has to do with wardrobe!

“Having access to her closet!” Cyrus laughed, adding “Seriously, watching the way she treats people with love and respect. Always a reminder to me and my family of what is important. Never let success change your heart.”

It’s likely that Parton’s daunting closets filled to the brim with sparkling outfits aren’t an intrinsic benefit to their heart-melting relationship, but the sincere follow up response from Cyrus is only a testament to how Parton has retained her Southern roots and heart of gold – even in the face of immense success, fame, and fortune.

Watch Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton perform a rousing duet of “Jolene” at Dollywood in the video below!