Toby Keith Is A Grandpa (Again) – See New Grandbaby’s First Photos

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Toby’s Talented Daughter Makes Her Grand Debut

In 2004, Toby Keith‘s daughter Krystal joined him on stage at the CMA Awards. Within seconds, the young woman proved that she had inherited her father’s knack for performing…and that she also had one powerful voice.

The duo performed a cover of the classic Inez & Charlie Foxx song, “Mockingbird.” Their duet was a hit, and sent their recorded version of the song skyrocketing up the country chart, where it peaked at the 27th spot.

But even though Krystal had an obvious gift for performing, Toby wanted her to wait a while before she fully devoted herself to music. Speaking on the podcast Children of Song in 2018, Krystal said that Toby wanted her to go to college before she tried to start a singing career.

She recalls Toby as saying, “I earned all of this money and my kids have every opportunity to go to college.”

Krystal adhered to her father’s wishes, and finished college before starting her own country music career. Her debut studio album Whiskey & Lace was released in 2013 and she most recently released an EP, titled Boulder, in 2018.

Her debut album contained a sweet song titled “Daddy Dance with Me,” which she wrote in honor of Toby and performed for the first time when she married husband, Andrew Sandubrae, in 2010.

The Keith Family Grows

Five years after marrying, Krystal and Andrew made Toby a grandpa for the third time (his eldest daughter, Shelley, has two kids), when they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. They named her Hensley Jack, and she quickly won over the hearts of everyone in her family.

Now three years old, Hensley isn’t able to say that she’s the baby in the Keith family any longer. That’s because on Tuesday (January 29), her mama gave birth to another baby girl!

Back in July, Krystal enlisted Hensley’s help to announce that she was going to be a big sister, sharing a video of her adorably declaring “Mommy has a baby in her belly.”

See New Baby’s First Pictures & Learn Her Name

Hensley was just as excited when she got to meet her new baby sister after she was born. She dressed up in an adorable set of pink scrubs, which read “big sister” on the front.

As Krystal wrote, “Dr. Big Sister reported for duty on delivery day and took all the stats on her ‘telescope.'”

But before she shared that photo, Krystal posted her new daughter’s first public picture.

It was in the caption of that photo that she revealed the newest member of her family is named Kirby Kaye. She and Krystal share the same first initial!

When you thought you had loved as big as you ever could. And then in a single moment, the size of that love doubles. Welcome to the world Kirby Kaye Sandubrae,” Krystal wrote.

Krystal also shared a too-cute-for-words photo of Hensley and Kirby meeting for the first time. Just look at the expression on Hensley’s face!

She’s so in love with her new baby sister!

While there are no photos of Toby with baby Kirby, we’re sure Krystal will share some in the future.

She recently shared an abundance of personal family photos in a lyric video she created for her rendition of “O Holy Night.” You can enjoy that video by tuning in below.

Congratulations to Krystal, Andrew, Hensley, and their families on the arrival of baby Kirby! She’s too precious!