Tom Cruise’s Son Wins Fishing Tournament Grand Prize In Florida

@theconnorcruise / Instagram

Tom Cruise’s son, Connor Cruise, is more on the country boy side of life than his Hollywood father and he just won the grand prize for a Grouper during the Sarasota Slam fishing tournament in Florida this past weekend.

Connor is an avid fisherman with an Instagram page showing off the many trophy fish he’s caught over the years and the Grouper he caught during the tournament might just be one of the biggest fish he’s ever caught.

The Grouper clocked in at 301 pounds and video footage shows people gathered around the weighing dock as they officially weighed the fish. The moment the news was announced, onlookers proudly screamed with excitement and applauded Connor and his crew for the monster Grouper.

The fish was actually caught on Friday and was kept on ice until Saturday when it was weighed.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman may be killing it in Hollywood’s show business, but their offspring Connor sure is carrying his own weight as a professional fisherman on the high seas.

Congratulations Connor on the big catch. It’s good to see you succeed in your own chosen profession.

Check Out Connor’s Massive Grouper Video Below