Tom Hanks Defends His Wife After Aggressive Fans Bumps Into Her

VideoMattPresents / YouTube

On Wednesday, June 15 (2022), Tom Hanks was in midtown New York walking out of a restaurant with his wife Rita Wilson when an aggressive fan bumped into her while trying to speak with the A-list actor.

Video footage taken by bystanders showed Tom and Rita surrounded by fans as bodyguards escorted them to their car outside the restaurant.

Cameras were flashing and people were scrambling trying to get close enough to take a picture with Tom or ask him questions.

One fan right on their heels ended up accidentally running into Rita which caused the 65-year-old woman to lose her footing and stumble to catch herself.

Fortunately, she did not fall to the ground, however, Tom was pretty upset by the incident and turned around to tell the group to back off.

In the video, she put her hands up in the air and said, “Stop it!”

Tom turned around and responded to the fans, “Back the f**k off… knocking over my wife.”

“Come on man,” the camera guy said added.

“Sorry about that, Tom!” the man who knocked him down said.

The couple was said to have gone to the restaurant to enjoy a meal after watching a screening of the Elvis biopic, in which Hanks plays the iconic musician’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

“You know you f****d up if you get cussed at by Tom Hanks,” one fan said about the incident, according to Unilad.

A second perosn said, “Imagine what an a**hole you’d feel like, being excited to see Tom Hanks and then you p**s him off.”

“Imagine having to deal with that s**t, suppose having the millions in the banks makes it easier,” another wrote.

“Holy s**t Tom Hanks angry and swearing. That’s gotta be a first,” another said.

Watch Footage Of The Incident Below