Tim McGraw Shares Love For His 3 Daughters: “They All Have Big Hearts”

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill share three daughters: Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey. The country music power couple shielded their girls from the spotlight while they were young. But as they grew older, Tim and Faith were more willing to let their girls live more public lives.

Gracie even recorded a song with Tim in 2015 titled “Here Tonight.”

Now, all three of the McGraw girls are adults. Gracie is a singer who recently moved to New York City in pursuit of a career on Broadway. Maggie graduated with a Master’s degree from Stanford University and currently lives in Washington D.C.

Audrey is an aspiring actress and model. Many will recognize her as the star of Tim’s music video for “7500 OBO,” which he released in 2021.

Tim always loves to talk about his daughters and their accomplishments. You can see his pride come through in a statement iHeart Country cites from his record label:

It’s funny because Faith and I’ve talked…and I think we see each other in all three of ‘em. There’s little parts of us in all three of ‘em. They’re all completely different creatures, but they all have big hearts, and they all are very polite and they really respect people, and they all feel like they wanna make a difference in the world. Hopefully we’ve instilled that into them. And we’ve always also given them the opportunity to sort of explore themselves and find out who they are and try things.”

You can hear Tim talk more about Audrey specifically by checking out the clip below. It’s a behind-the-scenes clip from the making of the “7500 OBO” video. You’ll hear Tim explain how his youngest daughter ended up being cast in the project.

It’s obvious Tim and Faith are incredibly proud of their girls…as they should be!