Tony Stewart Gets In Trouble With The Law

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The Illinois State Police took a strong interest in this former NASCAR driver following some improper handling on the freeway this last weekend (May 19th).

While Tony Stewart was known as a bit of a speed demon on the asphalt of a speedway, that’s not what earned him a visit with state trooper Damein Cunningham on his birthday weekend. And he didn’t just get off with a warning – he also had a photo of himself and the trooper tweeted out.

Trooper Cunningham was beaming with a smile alongside Stewart who was the one taking the photo. Writing in the caption of his tweet, Cunningham posed a question to his followers.

“Just pulled over NASCAR legend Tony Stewart on I-88 in Dekalb IL, what do you think I got him for?”

A police spokesman confirmed to the Chicago Tribune that Stewart was not stopped for speeding like many think (and just like other NASCAR drivers have been stopped for). Cunningham pulled the retired NASCAR driver over for improper lane usage and was let off with a warning – and a photograph.

Both parties appear in good spirits during the encounter, but the Illinois State Police stated that they are reviewing the Twitter post by Trooper Cunningham and his tweet has since been deleted for unknown reasons.

Lots of folks replied to the tweet wishing Stewart a happy 46th birthday (May 20th) and found lots of humor in the since-deleted post by Trooper Cunningham.

See the full post below courtesy of Cunningham and the Chicago Tribune and let us know what you think in the comments.

Chicago Tribune / Damein Cunningham