Tony Stewart Goes Public With New Girlfriend Leah Pruett

Twitter / Leah Pruett

Longtime NASCAR icon Tony Stewart is poised for a big year ahead – and beyond his business in various racing circuits, he’s got a new special someone by his side.

Stewart, aka “Smoke,” is about to celebrate his 50th birthday this year – and he couldn’t be busier with projects…or happier – with a newfound love in drag racer Leah Pruett.

The famous NASCAR superstar and sometimes heated personality on the track has not only experienced the ups and downs of racing – but in the last few years has endured the same in his relationships.

In May 2019, he revealed that he had officially ended things with fiancee Pennelope Jimenez. The pair had been together for more than 3 years and had gotten engaged in 2017.

With that in the rearview mirror, Stewart has found love once again, and this time with a fellow racer!

In a new report by NBC Sports, Stewart explains that he and Pruett first met in 2019 on a FaceTime call set up by drag racing icon Don Prudhomme…from there, it took months for them to actually meet in March 2020 at a motorsports event.

“With nowhere to be for the first time in his life as a racer, Stewart accepted Pruett’s invitation to spend four days with friends at Lake Havasu in Arizona. He stayed for four months, dragged her to short tracks across Oklahoma and Texas when his racing schedule resumed, then became a constant spectator at her events when NHRA began,” the article says.

So far, the pair have been going strong and Stewart says his  “personal life is the best it’s ever been.” He’s just learning to adjust to being a spectator at her events – and he’s a very supportive partner.

“She gets me. And I enjoy going to her events and being the one doing the supporting. I mean, if she wanted me to support her at basket-weaving competitions I probably wouldn’t enjoy it, but I am very happy with this relationship and where my life is right now.”

Check out a clip of Stewart’s upcoming Fireside Chat with Leah Pruett below.