Tornado Strikes Church – But Doesn’t Doesn’t Harm A Single Child Inside

Joelle Long / Facebook

40 preschoolers and 10 staff members were in grave danger when a tornado touched down at their Paducah, Kentucky church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church where Mt. Zion Preschool is held.

On Thursday (March 14), preschoolers were going about their day when a tornado ripped through their church. CBN News reports that the preschool’s director Michelle Rushing took all 40 students to the innermost room for safety. The entire church was hit, but the room they were in was the only one untouched, according to Fox News.

The tornado caused massive damage and ripped the roof of the church, which was probably incredibly scary for the preschoolers and staff members to be so close to it!

A mom named Joelle Long, whose two young daughters both attend the Mt. Zion Preschool, shared photos from the aftermath, including the church with no roof, the street nearby, and damage to a room with several cribs – which the students were not in during the tornado.

To keep them calm, Rushing led the children in singing songs including “Jesus Loves Me” and “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.”

Hats off to the Rushing for thinking of singing these songs. What a great way to get the kids’ minds off what was happening and to remind them they are in God’s hands. It was a true miracle that none of them were injured. We’re sure none of those 40 kids will ever forget how God saved them that day.

WPSD Local 6 reporter Shamarria Morrison was on the scene moments after. Watch her live video below.