Father-Daughter Duo Take On “Shallow” Duet

Facebook / Mary Autumn WV Singer

There are many ways a father and daughter can bond – through ice cream dates, sports practice, and even homework! But one daddy-daughter duo is taking their bonding to a whole new level with their mind-blowing cover of one of music’s most popular songs.

A Star Is Born

14-year-old Autumn Gillispie and her dad Randy are taking the Internet by storm with their latest cover of “Shallow.” The powerful ballad has a two-part harmony featuring a female and male part. The song rose to fame after its debut on the Oscar award-winning film, A Star Is Born. Originally sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, it has become a household favorite – winning several awards itself.


As several aspiring artists have taken on their own covers of the famous tune – people can’t get enough of this duo!

Daddy-Daughter Duet

Autumn and Randy began their rendition standing in the living room with a backtrack. Randy takes the lead with the first verse showcasing his fierce vocals. Slowly, Autumn joins in with her soft vocals beautifully matching the rhythm. As the two began to merge their voices for the remaining verses, it creates a perfect harmony.

Facebook / Mary Autumn WV Singer

As Autumn tackles all the riffs and high notes, it’s obvious Randy couldn’t be more proud. The duo finishes out the song, singing together once again as the music fades out. Randy greets his daughter with a fist-bump and a giant smile. We gotta admit – this father-daughter duo just crushed this cover!

Although we’d love to see them perform more together, it looks like Autumn has solo dreams of her own! The young singer has several videos of her showcasing her beautiful vocals and even a performance singing the national anthem!


We see bright things in her future!

Check out their video below.