Mike Fisher Has A New Look That’s Smokin’ Hot & Carrie Has Photos As Proof

Carrie Underwood / Instagram

So Many Changes For The Fishers

Earlier this month, fans of Carrie Underwood were left wondering if the superstar singer had changed up her appearance after her husband, Mike Fisher, posted a photo of the two of them together to celebrate her birthday.

Many fans believed that Carrie’s hair appeared a shade or two darker than normal. It made sense to fans why she would change her hair at this stage in her life, since she just had a baby in January and had previously changed up her hairdo when she had her first child, Isaiah, in 2015.

But other fans felt that maybe it was just the lighting that made Carrie’s hair look different. 


Whether Carrie is sporting a new look or not is a topic that is still up for debate. But while people wonder if the “Love Wins” singer opted to let her hair go dark, her husband has debuted his own clear change in appearance.

On Tuesday (March 19), Carrie and Mike both revealed that they had just welcomed a new member into their quickly growing family. In addition to their sons Isaiah and Jacob, they also have three canine kids…Ace, Penny, and Zero.

Zero, a German Shepherd, was actually welcomed into the Fisher family just days before baby Jacob made his grand debut. Mike introduced the pup on Instagram, saying that Isaiah was the person who picked his name.


A New Family Member Leads To New Look

Now, the Fishers have an even taller four-legged family member in their mix. The couple just welcomed a horse into their growing brood, and named him Bojangles!

Mike said he has dreamed of owning a horse ever since he was a little boy, and now that dream has come true.


The Canadian-born retired NHL star is so happy about his new horse that he is fully embracing the cowboy role…with the hat and everything! While he wasn’t wearing it in the picture he shared, Mike has a new cowboy hat now and has been sporting it with pride ever since Bojangles arrived.

Carrie was the one who shared some photos of Mike’s new countrified look, and made it clear that she is a big fan. Every cowboy needs a horse…and a hat. I’m still working with him on the Southern accent,” she wrote.

The final photo in the slideshow she shared is just a close-up photo of a cowboy hat-wearing Mike as he glances down. He even has the perfect cowboy beard going on…and he’s looking good!


Carrie Loves The New Look

Carrie took her admiration for Mike’s new look over to his post about Bojangles as well. In that picture, he is seen wearing one of his signature ball caps, leaving Carrie to wonder why he abandoned the cowboy look for the time being.

Where’s your hat?” Carrie wrote in the comments.

Mike Fisher / Instagram

On top of looking country, Mike recently tried his hand at singing country too. Well, sort of!

To support his hunting lifestyle apparel company, Catchin’ Deers, Mike recorded a parody song set to the tune of Carrie’s super hit, “Before He Cheats.” Mike’s rendition is called “Before She Bleats,” and it’s as hysterical as can be. Give it a listen below.

What do y’all think of Mike’s new cowboy persona? We agree with Carrie…we are loving the new look!