Tourist Gets Screamed At By King’s Guard For Repeatedly Swatting Horse’s Face

@busk1976 / TikTok

A TikTok video has been going viral and it shows the moment a woman slapped a King’s Guard’s horse and he yelled at her for doing so, causing more authorities to come rushing to the scene.

The video starts off showing the King’s Guard standing at the entrance to a royal building as many tourists gathered around to take pictures with the horseman.

The woman standing next to the horse with her hands in her pocket can be seen as the horse leaned over to smell her and it might have even licked her jacket. She didn’t like that and swatted at the horse’s nose to get it to back off.

@busk1976 / TikTok

In the horse’s defense, she was standing extremely close to the animal and was definitely in its personal space, nevertheless, we’ll continue.

The woman then put her hands back in her pockets and the horse leaned over again to lick her jacket and she swatted at its nose for a second time.

The horse quickly pulled its face back and then leaned into the woman again for the third time, which triggered her to slap at the air in front of the horse’s face.

The King’s Guard spotted the woman swatting at his horse and yelled at her, “Step back!” While instructed his horse to step forward which startled the woman and she obviously knew that her time taking pictures with the horse had come to an end.

The yelling of the King’s Guard alerted another royal guard who stomped over and screamed at the entire crowd to step away. Everyone backed off a good 10ft or more and the two guards spoke with one another about what happened.

@busk1976 / TikTok

After exchanging a few words in quiet, the King’s Guard on foot walked off and went to go get a couple of military soldiers with assault rifles who then walked over to stand near the horseman.

Once the video was posted to TikTok, a lot of people had many things to say about the incident.

One person said, “People need to remember that they’re not an actual tourist attraction. They have a job and it’s real. Winds me up so much.”

Another wrote, “It worries me that people have forgotten what a guard is.”

Another said, “These people are so disrespectful.”

And a fourth typed, “What worries me, is that NO ONE in that crowd spoke up after the first slap, the guards are limited.”

@busk1976 / TikTok

Even though some were not pleased with the girl’s actions, other TikTok users commented on the post sticking up for the tourist.

They insisted that the guard’s response was over the top, saying, “The horse was trying to bite her. It’s a common redirection to push their nose up.”

Another person wrote, “I am sorry but she did not slap the horse. This is complete overreaction by the guards. Learn to control your horse from brushing the girl.”

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