Trace Adkins Showered With Cheers During Impactful Opry Performance Of ‘Still A Soldier’

Grand Ole Opry / YouTube

Known for his devotion to the U.S. troops, it never comes as a surprise when Trace Adkins releases a patriotic single. Many of his biggest hits have bled red, white, and blue, including “Arlington” and “Til the Last Shot’s Fired.”

In addition to recording songs about the military, Adkins also embarks on a USO tour every year to perform for troops overseas. His 2017 tour took him to Italy and Spain, where he gave the servicemen and women a little taste of home by performing his long line of hits.

Following the completion of his 2017 USO tour, Adkins released a brand-new single off of his latest album, Something’s Going On. Titled “Still a Soldier,” the song was written by Phil O’Donnell and Wade Kirby, and follows a military veteran as he readjusts to civilian life.

But as Adkins reveals through the song, although the man is done with his service, he will forever feel like a soldier. These feelings are shared through the chorus, with Adkins singing, “He put away his gun and boots, but he still believes the American dream. ‘Til his last breath he’ll always be, a soldier.”

During an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in October, Adkins performed “Still a Soldier” for the crowd that gathered to watch his show. The Opry recently shared a video of that performance in honor of Veterans Day, which was on Saturday (November 11).

Although you can’t see the audience in the clip, you can tell that Adkins had their undivided attention. Their feelings were best captured as Adkins sang, “He’ll stand up when he hears the anthem. And that won’t ever change.” In light of recent protests involving the National Anthem, you can bet that line got quite the response once Adkins sang it at the Opry. He was showered with cheers that were so loud they nearly drowned out his voice!

The crowd cheered just as enthusiastically once Adkins wrapped up his powerful performance of “Still a Soldier.” Now you can experience that same sense of American pride by tuning in to his performance in the clip below.

This one goes out to all veterans, and to all who are currently serving. Thank you.