Trisha’s Favorite Guest Star Returns To Her Cooking Show, “Shhh don’t tell Garth”

Since her first episode debut back in April of 2012, country music star Trisha Yearwood has been ruining diets and making mouths water with her scrumptious creations from her widely loved show “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen”. Featured on the Food Network, Yearwood maintains an enjoyable, and extremely entertaining, cooking environment with recipes that are nothing short of a fun challenge! While Yearwood has had various guests appear beside her in her kitchen of many dishes, including her country music star husband Garth Brooks, she recently brought back a friend who she calls her “favorite guest star”.

Upon reading the continued sentence ending with “Shhh don’t tell Garth”, we knew they had to be incredibly special to outdo the singer’s legendary husband! Yearwood begins her segment with, “I found Emmy in Oklahoma”. Before long, the camera pans to a beautiful, and obviously comfortable, pup nuzzled in her dog bed!

Yearwood explains the story of how her and the four-legged friend came to be, saying, “I was actually in the car, on the way to Zumba, and I saw her just walking down the side of the road. She was really tiny, about six months old.” The clip of Yearwood cooking then fades to a photo of an energetic Emmy, all smiles in her younger years.

“There was just something about her that was special,” Yearwood remembers, as she goes on to tell the camera of Emmy’s approval of her jokes and humor.

The singer and pup share some risky moment as Emmy perches on Yearwood’s pristine couch as she admits, “You’re so not supposed to be on the furniture. This is not happening,” attempting to hide Emmy with her hands.

Although the loving Pooch is completely wiped out on her plush bed during the filming, Yearwood rewards her with a small piece of bacon, telling the sleepy dog, “I promised you a treat. I’m gonna deliver.”

With a furry face like it, it’s no wonder Emmy is Yearwood’s favorite guest star! You can watch the adorable clip below!