Two Teens Spot Mountain Lion Perched In Tree

ABC 10 News / YouTube

Two freshman college students were walking down Babilonia Street in Carlsbad, California when they spotted a mountain lion sitting in a tree.

It happened around 10:30 in the morning and the boys immediately called a friend who drove over to them to record the big cat. It was perched 25 feet high in the tree and was growling, letting the boys know to stay away.

“Hey, I’m up here. Don’t want you to be there. I’m going to take off now,” Lauren DuBois of Project Wildlife at the San Diego Humane Society said, as if she was speaking for the mountain lion.

ABC 10 News / YouTube

One of the boy’s mother said they looked down to watch the video for a moment and then looked back up, it was gone. DuBois looked over the video and concluded it was hard to tell if the mountain lion was a juvenile or an adult. Either way, it’s no surprise it was in the tree.

“Not unusual at all. They will climb trees, and rest in trees quite often,” DuBois added. “Most of time they are hunting from dusk to dawn, so a lot of the time, that’s where they will be resting.”

The only concern is the La Costa Meadows Elementary School is only half a mile away from the scene which started in-person attending in October. However, Dubois says not to worry, just leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone.