Willie & Korie Robertson Introduce “Newest Member” Of Family…A Rescue Puppy

Korie Robertson / Facebook

The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame has been rapidly expanding over the course of the past few years. Willie and Korie welcomed two grandchildren in 2019: daughter Rebecca had baby boy named Zane and son John Luke also welcomed a baby boy, John Shepherd.

Now, Willie and Korie’s daughter Sadie is expecting her first child (a baby girl) and John Luke and his wife Mary Kate are expecting their second.

But babies aren’t the only new additions to the Robertson clan. On Monday (November 23) Korie introduced the “newest member” of their family…a rescue puppy!

The puppy, who is a Great Pyrenees and husky mix, was being fostered by one of the Robertsons’ friends out of state. So Willie and Korie had to go to the airport to pick him up after they decided to adopt him.

They chose the name “Edward” for the fluffy little guy, who won’t stay little for long.

…he’s going to be big,” Korie said in her post introducing Edward to the world.

She included a photo from when she and Willie surprised their son, Will Jr., by bringing Edward to visit him at college on his birthday. Korie also posted a snapshot that shows Edward playing with her grandson John Shepherd.

…puppies and babies are the cutest!” she wrote. We have to agree!

See all the pictures Korie shared of Edward by looking at her post below. He’s such an adorable pup!