‘Yellowstone’ Caught Filming For Next Season In North Texas Cafe

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A few lucky North Texas residents got an exclusive peek at next year’s Yellowstone season!

The popular TV show, which returns next June, revolves around a family of cattle ranchers. Yellowstone is already in production for its anticipated fourth season, and the crew is shooting several scenes in producer, Taylor Sheridan’s, home state. 


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One confirmed film destination was Mary’s Brazos Cafe in Parker County. The owner of the establishment, Mary Anderson, was elated with Sheridan’s decision to feature the restaurant. Anderson shared all about the eatery’s big day in the spotlight with NBC DSW. In the interview, Anderson stated: 

“The street on the other side was lined up with my customers watching and trying to see what was going on. It was awesome.”

Sheridan also shared a statement with NBC DSW, and the producer revealed that Mary’s Brazos Cafe was one of his favorite places to grab breakfast. Sheridan explained:

“I chose Mary’s because that’s where we have breakfast when I’m here. I spent a lot of time at horse shows and rodeo and whatnot, so I was kinda raised at Will Rogers and obviously the Stockyard; everyone’s gone there. I didn’t discover Mary’s until a few years ago, at least Mary’s down here on the Brazos and sure like her and her place.”


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While Sheridan was open about his love of Anderson’s restaurant, he was also careful not to reveal any spoilers about the scene he filmed.

Look out for Anderson’s restaurant in Yellowstone’s next season! The countdown starts now!