U.S. Olympic Swim Team Jams Out To Country Chart-Topper In Epic Carpool Karaoke Session

USA Swimming YouTube Channel

There’s no denying the fact that there’s a lot of talent dispersed throughout the U.S. Olympic swim team. But did you have any idea that these skilled athletes are also good singers?

The swim team proved they not only rule the pool, but the carpool when it comes to karaoke. In what has to be one of the most epic carpool karaoke sessions we’ve ever seen, the swim team piled into nine different cars and cruised around Atlanta before heading to the games in Rio.

Tackling favorite tunes such as the Friends theme song and plenty of Taylor Swift hits, the swim team showcased their impressive singing skills. Besides singing pop hits and television themes, the swim team also expressed their love for country music by putting a spin on a country chart-topper.

Michael Phelps led his teammates in a patriotic tribute to the U.S. by singing the Zac Brown Band‘s #1 hit from 2008, “Chicken Fried.”  Sitting in the driver’s seat, Phelps belted out the lyrics to the song while three of his teammates held an American flag in the backseat.

However, the best part of the group’s spontaneous performance came when the song reached the chorus. It was at that point that Phelps and all of his teammates started to show off their dance moves along with their karaoke skills.

The Phelps-led car’s version of “Chicken Fried” was just one of many impressive and hilarious moments featured in the swim team’s carpool karaoke video. You can check it out in the video below, and if you want to skip right to some country music, they start singing “Chicken Fried” around the two minute mark.

We would love to see some of the other Olympic athletes make videos like this, wouldn’t you? Best of luck to all those competing in Rio this year!