Westboro Church Attacks Gwen, But Blake Is Not Having It


Warning: This Article Contains Language That Some May Find Offensive

The highly controversial church got a strong dose of Shelton’s spicy attitude earlier when he unleashed his feelings on his favorite social media site, Twitter.

The Westboro Baptist church reignited the feud with Blake Shelton when they posted a video to Twitter in which they declared him a “serial whoremonger” because he has been divorced and remarried. But, the church group didn’t stop there – they also turned on his longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.


At that point, Shelton wasn’t going to sit around and just let them smear his and Gwen’s names without some sort of resistance and fired off a searing jab at them.

With the door open, and already making headlines by shaming the Rio Olympics, Westboro decided it was a great opportunity to engage with Shelton and his audience.



While the Westboro Baptist Church has been hunting Shelton for some time due to their declaration of his adultery (via divorce and re-marry), Shelton might have gotten the last laugh by posting a sexually explicit image of their church’s leader with the caption:

“I know….But the perversion side of me [is] sooooo damn funny though. Don’t you think?!!”

When their efforts to re-engage him and capture the attention of his audience failed, it looks like they moved on to one of the many remaining celebrity nemesis they keep their focus on.

The Westboro Baptist Church has been known for their picketing of events they disagree with and insulting signs and their endless picketing of American service member’s funerals.

Watch the video below of the previous segments of Blake and Westboro’s feud and let us know what you think of this in the comments!