Venomous Snake Fights Fisherman Over Trout

YouTube / Larry Bobbitt

One fisherman who was getting ready to wrap things up turned around to the surprise of a lifetime during a recent fishing trip in rural Virginia.

Outdoorsman and skilled fisherman Larry Bobbitt posted one of the most bizarre videos we have ever seen to YouTube just a few days ago – and it documents the strange encounter he had while fishing on the creek.

Bobbitt was getting ready to move on down the creek when he noticed one of his caught fish was being pulled away – only to look down and see a water moccasin pulling on the fish and trying to drag it off.

According to Yahoo!, Bobbit said the two “played tug of war for about five minutes before he decided to leave.”

However, this would prove to be the first of two encounters Bobbit would have with this snake.

Not to much time went by before Bobbit says he looked down to see “this same snake was crawling up my leg and had his head in my shorts.”

“I fell off the rock into the water and the snake wasn’t seen for the rest of our day.”

Glad to hear Bobbit made it out without any snake bites – and all his fish! Watch this insane video below.