Video: Grandparents Drink Moonshine For The First Time

Southern Living / YouTube

It’s clear, powerful, and can be smelled from miles away. While it was made illegal contraband for years, moonshine can now be purchased at your local liquor stores!

Who better to test out the newly marketable product than those alive during the glory years of the gem of the south? As organized by Southern Living, a group of very brave grandparents got together to taste test the reimagined brand of white lightening, and the result is everything you’d hope it would be.

Some of the best reactions are below:

“That is the strongest stuff I have ever put in my mouth!”

“Are you driving? Okay, I can drink more!”

“A lot of people used to bootleg it in our area, but ya know now that it’s legal and everything it’s not as much fun.”

Moonshine came as a result of the prohibition era when the United States Federal Government put a ban on alcohol consumption from 1920 to 1933. After the ratification of 21st Amendment was put into action, the 18th Amendment – which outlawed alcohol – was repealed, resulting in a decreased demand for the illegal product.

You can watch the full length video below.