Video Proof That Carrie Underwood Gets Annoyed Of Husband Mike Fisher During Car Rides

firefly.glow / Instagram

Ever since Carrie Underwood performed at the ACM Awards in 2018, she has been back to posting on social media as much as she used to before her November 2017 accident.

Because her husband Mike Fisher and his hockey team, the Nashville Predators, were in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at the time, Underwood has been to every home game cheering them on – and is arguably their biggest fan!

At their game on April 29, 2018, she even surprised the crowd by singing the national anthem. She seemed to be the good luck charm, because the Preds won the game 5-4, tying the series against the Winnipeg Jets 1-1. The first team to four wins advanced to the next round of playoffs.

In between games, though, is family time for the Fisher household. They are parents to two boys now, but their oldest son Isaiah was just three at the time. Like most couples, there are things one person does that the other finds incredibly annoying.

For Underwood, her annoyance with her husband is when he is practicing his turkey calls in the car while they’re driving together! She shared her frustration with her fans on social media. After showing Fisher doing the turkey call noise, she panned the camera back to herself and whispered, “Help me!”

On the video, she also wrote, “Must we? So. Annoying.”

This video is proof that Underwood and Fisher are just like normal couples! It also showed another close-up of the “Cry Pretty” singer’s face since her fall in November 2018 that left her with 40-50 facial stitches. Even with subtle make up, she looks great!