For First Time, Joanna Gaines Shares Kids’ Priceless Reaction To Her Pregnancy

Joanna Gaines / Instagram

Back in January, Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines thrilled their many fans when they revealed they are expecting their fifth child. The two chose to reveal their pregnancy in a simple way, with both showing off their “baby bumps” in matching gray shirts.

Just in case people were confused by the photo, Chip made its meaning crystal clear. “Gaines party of 7.. (If you’re still confused.. WE ARE PREGNANT),” he wrote.

Since then, we have learned that Chip and Jo are expecting a baby boy. They already have two daughters and two sons, so the boys will soon outnumber the girls in the house!

Chip and Jo have maintained a pattern with their baby names. Their daughters are given names that start with “E,” while their sons have names that start with “D.” So we know that baby boy Gaines will have a “D” name!

The four Gaines kids’ ages range from 13-8, so their new brother is truly going to be the baby of the family. For the first time ever in a brand-new interview with Country Living, Jo described how her kids reacted to the news that she was pregnant.

As Jo explained, her first four children were all born pretty close together. Because of this, none of them truly understood what it meant when she was pregnant.

Back however many years ago when I had Emmie, they were all so young,” she said. They were four and under, and they didn’t really get it.”

Since the kids were young when she went through her other pregnancies, Jo often waited a few weeks to tell them. But this time around, she said that she and Chip told them the same day they found out.

Out of anybody, we were most excited to tell the kids,” she said. “Now that they’re older, they get it and understand.”

Jo then went on to explain the oh-so-sweet way that she revealed her pregnancy news, and her kids’ priceless reaction to it:

I had all these onesies out that [said] ‘big brother’ and ‘big sister’ and I made them turn around and look at it. And it took them all a second to figure what the heck it was about…I mean, they lost it. They were so excited, and I think that’s what makes me the most excited—that they’re celebrating with us.”

As excited as you may be to meet baby Gaines, it’s clear that no one is more excited than Chip and Jo’s kids! That baby is going to be surrounded by a whole lot of love, that’s for sure.