Video Shows Active-Duty Dad Returning Home To See His Son

Facebook/Cameron Yancey

The reaction from his son welcoming home from a months-long deployment in the Middle East is something that Airman Cameron Yancey will never forget – and something that will pluck at your heartstrings, too!

A short video posted to his Facebook page on July 27th, 2018 shows this cherished moment when he came home to surprise his son – and since then, it’s gone viral racking up more than 11 million views and getting more than 166,000 shares.

Facebook/Cameron Yancey

Thousands of families across the nation have given up their time with loved ones to help ensure our freedom, and this video is a reminder of the sacrifices so many have made for our incredible country.

In this video, Yancey is filmed walking up to his own door and knocking as if he were a stranger. His five-year-old son, Cade opens the door to see who’s on the other side and has no idea his dad is coming home.

Once the door is open, little Cade stood there just shocked and stunned to see his father after many months apart!

Facebook/Cameron Yancey

After just a few seconds, Cade yells to tell his mom (who was clearly in on it).

“Daddy!” Cade squealed before leaping into his father’s outstretched arms. “Mommy, Daddy – my daddy’s home!”

The two squeeze each other tight as they hug and Cade continues on, saying “I missed you! I missed you, Daddy – I missed you!”

The little one’s pleading voice and emotional reunion with his dad is enough to bring even the most stoic person to tears over and over again.

Facebook/Cameron Yancey

This has to be one of the most emotional and sweet videos of a servicemember coming home to their family we have ever seen.

Watch this unforgettable moment below – it’s sure to make your day!