VIDEO: Snake Spotted Under Christmas Tree Hiding With Presents

Hervey Bay Snake Catchers / YouTube

Drew Godfrey from Hervey Bay Snake Catchers in Australia shared a video on YouTube showing the moment he removed a snake found slithering amongst the presents beneath a family’s Christmas tree.

Godfrey got the call from a local in Hervey Bay about the serpent and drove out to the location with a cameraman to capture the moment on film.

When he got there, the residents led him to the exact spot they spotted the snake and he got straight to work removing the animal.

After pushing a few gift-wrapped boxes out of the way, he was able to spot the creature trying to hide and fearlessly grabbed it by the tail and pulled it out from underneath the tree revealing that it was a Keelback snake.

Hervey Bay Snake Catchers / YouTube

Keelback snakes are non-venomous, shy, known to bite only in self-defense situations when they feel provoked or threatened, and is a species that Godfrey says he commonly encounters.

After getting his hands on the snake, Godfrey started educating the homeowner about the markings on its back to show her how she can tell that it was a Keelback snake and not a deadly eastern brown which it could be mistaken for.

Godfrey went on to say that it’s in the same family as tree snakes and likes to eat things like frogs and smaller animals. This specific species of snake can actually be found in habitats all across northern and eastern Australia.

Watch The Snake In The Christmas Tree Video Below