‘Voice’ Singer Relies On Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ To Save Him From Elimination

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Voice Stars Have Always Counted On Skynyrd Song

There’s a reason why Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s “Simple Man” is known as one of the band’s greatest songs. Well, actually there’s many reasons.

Written by the group’s lead singer Ronnie Van Zant and guitarist Gary Rossington, “Simple Man” contains lyrics that speak straight to the soul. Those well-written lyrics, coupled with Ronnie’s (and later his brother Johnny’s) passionate vocal performance, resulted in the creation of a song that has left a lasting impact on all who have listened to it.

Although “Simple Man” was released well over 40 years ago, it remains a frequently covered song. In fact, those who appear on The Voice have often turned toward “Simple Man” in order to impress the viewers at home.

Through the years, the song has been covered by many Voice stars, including Season 8 winner Sawyer Fredricks.

It was also a song that Season 14’s Kaleb Lee turned to as he fought to win an Instant Save round. If he won, he would have earned himself a spot in the finals. But if he lost, then he would be sent home.


Although his performance captivated many viewers, not enough people chimed in to vote Lee through to the finals. In his case, his Instant Save performance of “Simple Man” didn’t save him.

Fast forward two seasons later, and Team Blake‘s Andrew Sevener found himself in the exact same situation. He needed to sing in the Instant Save round to secure a spot in the finale. And just like Lee, he relied on “Simple Man” to save him.

How Did It Work Out This Time?

Since he’s known as a passionate performer and a vocal powerhouse, “Simple Man” was the perfect fit for Sevener and his voice. Since Ronnie also used the song to showcase his powerful voice, it was structured in a way that allowed Sevener to showcase his talent to the fullest extent.

In the end, viewers were impressed with what they heard from the cowboy hat-wearing singer. Once the votes were tallied up, it was revealed the Sevener won the Instant Save round!

He got the chance to move on to the finale as a member of the Top 4 alongside two of his other Team Blake team members.

Now it’s time for you to witness the performance that put him in that coveted position by tuning in to the video below.

Future Voice stars should take note…”Simple Man” is always a good song to have in your back pocket!