Lee Brice Injures Himself After Falling Off Bike

Lee Brice / Instagram

Lee Brice is teaching his fans a valuable lesson about life…if you fall once, get back up three more times.

Brice has been in the country music scene for a little over a decade now. Beginning his career as a songwriter, he got his first big hit when he co-wrote Garth Brooks’ 2007 single, “More Than A Memory.” From that point on, it was all uphill for the talented act. Four studio albums and No. 1 singles later, and Brice has become a huge name in country music.

His latest hit, “Rumor” made its way onto two of Billboard‘s country charts, landing in the top 10 for several consecutive weeks. After the quick success of the song, Brice came up with a fun little idea to get his fans involved with a rumor or two. Brice encouraged fans and friends alike to come up with their own rumor about the singer and post it to social media. The results were absolutely hysterical.


But Brice’s latest stunt is far from a rumor, unfortunately. The singer took to social media to share that he got himself in a little accident. Holding up his bloody arm with a rash underneath, Brice explained he did one-too-many wheelies before he “crashed and burned.”

“You can’t just talk the talk. You gotta walk the walk” He wrote.

“‘Son, if you fall off the bike, no matter how it hurts, you gotta get back up and do it again.'”

Well, that’s exactly what he did! Except, after three times, he called it quits finally.

Of course, Brice wasn’t going to get off that easy though. A couple of his buddies replied to his post giving him some sweet remedies.

Charles Esten from TV series, Nashville responded with “Walk it off, Brice.”

While former Chicago Bear’s linebacker, Brian Urlacher, called him a “Sissy!!” sharing a snap of his own scratch and burns.

Either way, we think Lee Brice is quite the champ!

Check out his music video for “Rumor” below.