Chicken & Waffles Is Now A Pringles Flavor – Sold At Just 1 Store

Instagram / candyhunting, Unsplash / Hamza Bounaim

You know how much you love the crunchy sweet and savory combination of chicken and waffles – and now, you can enjoy your favorite Southern dish…in a chip!

Pringles has launched a brand-new addition to its flavor line up with this limited edition chicken and waffles chip – and fans are obsessed.

Pringles isn’t the only company with a chicken and waffles flavor ruling the shelves right now. Lay’s Brand also recently announced the long-awaited return of their chicken and waffles flavored potato chips.

Top chefs know that the combination of salt, fat, and sugar work together to rock the taste buds, and that’s exactly what chip enthusiasts get when they bite into a chicken and waffle flavored Pringle. The combination of flavors is unforgettable and as a chip – is one of the more unique American flavors to be had.

Currently, chicken and waffles Pringles are only available as a Dollar General exclusive – no word on when (or if) the flavor will expand to other stores.

Along with this new flavor, Pringles has been testing out the market with a few other limited edition styles, including their Thanksgiving edition Roasted Turkey potato chip.

While Pringles is known for releasing some crazy flavors with mixed reviews, there’s no need to worry here. People who have tried this unusual flavor combination say that it works – and the pent up demand for this chip is only confirming their statements!

The maple syrup flavor stands out, and the chicken taste is faint. If you’re interested in getting your hands on these delectable delights, hurry – the flavor is only out for a limited time.

Check this link to find a Dollar General store near you!

Watch Steverville’s taste review of the Chicken & Waffles flavor below and let us know if you’ve tried them!