Video Shows Wildlife Officers Rescuing Bear That Climbed Tree

CPW NE Region / Twitter

On May 5th, 2020 the Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted a video showing wildlife officers removing a bear from a tree that was somewhere in a Fort Collins neighborhood.

The bear apparently climbed a thick evergreen tree right beside a resident’s home and frightened them, so they called the police. When the wildlife officers got on the scene they figured the only way to remove the bear was to tranquilize it. 

Luckily, the branches on the tree were so thick that if the bear were to pass out, it’s likely the branches would catch him. In the video, it appears they had to tranquilize the bear, it shows two men who climbed up into the tree and were in the process of lowering down a limp, motionless bear.

Using a rope safely attached to the bear, one of the officers move branches out of the way to pull the sedated bear through as they lower it. A group of wildlife officials waits on the ground to grab the bear and carry it to a truck.

The animal was placed in a bear cage and according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, it was recoated to the wilderness. You can watch the video of the officers rescuing the bear below.

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