Why Dale Jr. Won’t Share Pics Of His Baby

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images

His baby girl is officially a week old, but this famous racing star and his wife have yet to share pictures of their new bundle of joy with anyone outside of their family – and he finally explains why.

Thousands of fans flooded social media following the announcement that Dale Earnhardt Jr. and wife Amy Earnhardt welcomed their very first child into the world on May 1st, 2018.

In just a matter of days, folks were begging the new parents for pictures of their new baby girl – but for two very active and popular celebrities on social media, they had been more silent than ever before.

Sharing a variety of other updates about life as a new father and how it’s all going for him, Dale Jr. has been the one giving fans the good news – but also the one fielding a growing demand for photos of baby Isla Rose.

In his weekly podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, he explains that Amy’s photographer friend was on hand when she went into labor and came along to document the whole birthing session and their first moments as new parents.

While he likely has plenty of photos of him and little Isla, he finally responded to a fan and explained why they haven’t shared any pictures. 

In a tweet response to yet another request for photos of their brand new baby, Dale Jr. laid down the law in a very respectful and polite way, expressing that eventually he and Amy will choose to share some photos.

Like many celebrities, they like to keep a certain amount of their life private and be afforded the option to live like normal people without sharing all parts with the public.

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