Wild Python Wraps Around Man’s Neck & Attacks His Face

Snake Catcher Brisbane - Joshs Snake Catching / Facebook

Josh Castle from Queensland, Australia shared a video on YouTube showing the capturing of a massive carpet python that was slithering around in a lady’s backyard.

Josh is a certified and licensed snake catcher and was called out to Northlakes, Queensland by the lady after she found it lurking outside her home near the kitchen door.

When he got there, Josh found it resting on the back wall of the property and gently pulled it down to take a look at it.

“Very old snake,” he says in the YouTube video as he pulls it off the wall.

The snake was impressively large. It looked twice as long as Josh’s height. The reptile calmly slithered around Josh’s shoulders and seemed to be fairly friendly. However, Josh warned his viewers that it’s still a wild snake and he has to be careful.

Moments after he said that, it was like the heat pits on the snake’s head honed in on Jason’s ear and instincts kicked in. The snake lunged at Josh, appearing to strike him on the side of his head just beside his ear. Luckily, it looked like the hair on his head kept the snake from actually getting a firm bite on him.

“Check out the size of this beast! One solid carpet python! We received a call from Northlakes to relocated this big bad boy! Even had a crack at my face!!” He captioned the YouTube video.

Josh didn’t seem phased by the reptile and easily placed it into a bag to be relocated. He later shared a few photos of the snake on his Facebook page, Snake Catcher Brisbane – Joshs Snake Catching, and one lady asked him what he would have done if the snake would have actually bitten through his skin.

The Facebook user asked: “Josh when the Python had a crack at your face if it had given you a little nip, how would you treat that bite? I often wonder.”

Josh replied, “General rule thumb, if anyone is bitten you should go to the hospital by ambulance. But for instance, if this snake was to bite me, I know it’s non-venomous. I honestly don’t do anything, clean it, that’s about it.”

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