Woman Clings To Hood Of Moving Car With Stolen $10k Dog Inside

KPRC 2 Click2Houston / YouTube

A woman risked her life trying to save an exotic bulldog that was stolen from an animal supplies store in Houston, Texas.

A couple visiting the Bully Kamp in Harris County, an animal supply store that prides itself on giving their customers the most heavy-duty cages available on the market, asked Alize James who worked at the store if they could take a look at an exotic bulldog worth 10 thousand dollars.

The couple pretended to want to buy it and was holding onto the dog while Alize walked off to get some paperwork for a UPS driver. As she was gone, the girlfriend walked out the front door of the store with the bulldog and ran to her car and the boyfriend followed behind her.

At this time, Alize realized what’s going on and ran out of the store chasing after them. She tried to stop them from leaving but the guy threatened to run her over and then hit her with his car. The bumper of the vehicle knocked Alize onto the hood of the car and they took off on a wild and reckless ride.

“They were weaving, driving recklessly and I could barely hold on. I was so scared,” Alize said in an interview with KPRC 2. “My mind was focused on her health, I obviously didn’t care about my wellbeing.”

The dog was only a 7-month-old puppy who had just gone through surgery days before and needed special medication. After 10 minutes of driving around with Alize on the hood, they finally stopped, the guy got out of the car, grabbed Alize by the legs and chest, and started hitting her.

Alize fought back but the couple ultimately got away. However, the police have identified the girlfriend as 21-year-old Royshana King. Royshana was arrested shortly after and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. She has not given up the identity of the man she was with and authorities are still looking for him.

Interview Video Below With Alize About The Robbery