“Yellowstone” Fans Complain About No New Episode On Christmas Day

Yellowstone / YouTube

Yellowstone has released new episodes every Sunday since the Season 5 premiere on November 13. But the show did not release a new episode on Sunday (December 25), which was Christmas Day.

It’s understandable why Yellowstone would refrain from releasing a new episode on Christmas. Many people were away from home to spend the holiday with their families. This could have resulted in lower viewership numbers for Yellowstone.

Yellowstone fans did get the chance to watch a new episode of its prequel series 1923 on Christmas Day. The new series stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and is exclusively available on Paramount+.

Still, some Yellowstone fans were upset there was no new episode of the main show on December 25. People took to social media to complain about the lack of a new episode. Here are just a few posts that popped up:

One Twitter user wrote, “I don’t care if it’s Christmas, I want my new episode of Yellowstone, and I want it now!!!!”

Someone else said,It’s been a wonderful Christmas, BUT I got home to find out there’s not a new Yellowstone episode tonight..”

Another person tweeted, “No Yellowstone tonight so I guess it’s yet another football game.”

One Twitter user said, smh at no new yellowstone tonight.”

Someone else wrote, No new Yellowstone tonight?? Crappy…..”

Another person said, “sigh have to wait till next year for new yellowstone.”

So when will Yellowstone be back on the air? 

According to TV Guide, the next episode of Yellowstone will air on Sunday (January 1). So you can kick off the new year with a new episode of Yellowstone!

The episode that airs on January 1 will be the mid-season finale of Yellowstone. As previously reported, Season 5 is a supersized season, so it’s being split into two parts. After its midseason break, Yellowstone will return with a batch of new episodes to close out Season 5.

While you wait for the next episode of Yellowstone to air on January 1, head below to watch a behind-the-scenes look at the previous episode that aired.