You Have To See The Size Of The Fish Luke Bryan’s Son Caught

Luke Bryan/Instagram

It may not be as big as the one that got away, but Luke Bryan and son, 10-year-old Bo, were all smiles after hooking this big bad bass.

And, if the country megastar has his way, his kids will appreciate such times together as much as he did growing up.

Family, Fishin’, And Fatherhood

Luke, who grew up on the Flint River in Georgia, began fishing at an early age. He treasures the memories made with his dad and recalls many took place in the great outdoors with a fishing rod in his hand.

“When I look back on my experiences as a kid with my dad, at the top of those lists are always moments that I spent in the outdoors with him,” he explained. “When you’re in a fishing boat with your child for four or five hours, you just can’t replicate that time in any other, I mean, it’s just perfectly well-spent time, in my opinion,” Bryan shared in an interview with Sounds like Nashville.

He’s Got His Priorities Straight

Despite the hectic work schedule of this country star, including his gig as one of the judges on American Idol, Luke always makes time to spend with his family, in this case, his firstborn son; he’s a family first kind of guy.

“With young children, there are a hundred moments a day when you want to slow it down and seize the moment,” Luke admits. He does his best to grab as much time with the youngsters as possible.

Fish Tales and Memories

While on Instagram, Dad gives credit for the big catch to son, Bo, the smiles on the duo’s faces tell the real story of the adventure. It’s as much about the memories as it is the sizable catch. This will be a moment Bo and Luke cherish forever.

Luke Bryan loves to fish and hunt. Do you? While you’re listening to his song about “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” share a photo of your biggest catch. Let’s see how it compares to the Bryan’s bass!

What’s the best part of fishin’ for you?