You’ve Seen This Current ‘Voice’ Star Before & Probably Never Realized It

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Dave Fenley: Voice Star From The Start

From the second country artist Dave Fenley started singing during his blind audition on The Voice, it was obvious he was going to be a frontrunner in the competition.

He wowed all of the judges with Travis Tritt‘s emotional hit “Helped Me Hold On,” and got Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson to turn their chairs for him.

Fenley decided on Shelton as his coach, and he’s been a standout member of his team ever since.

Fenley famously engaged in one of the most talked about battles of the season, competing against Keith Paluso over George Jones‘ “I’m a One Woman Man.” The two talented singers were so evenly matched, that the other coaches made it clear to Shelton he had an impossible choice to make.

In the end, Shelton chose Fenley as the winner, an Paluso was stolen by Adam Levine.

Proving Himself

Then came the knockouts, and once again, Fenley’s performance was one that generated the most buzz. This time he competed against teammate Kameron Marlowe, who sang Bob Dylan‘s “I Shot the Sheriff.”

As for Fenley, he performed a show-stopping rendition of Lionel Richie‘s “Stuck On You,” impressing everyone who watched.

Just like in the battles, Fenley was the one who emerged as a victor from the knockouts. But Marlowe wasn’t sent home…he was stolen by Levine!

By now, it’s crystal clear that Fenley is going to be a contestant to beat this season.

Recognize Him From Somewhere?

Already, Fenley has enveloped a strong and passionate fan base in the few weeks he’s appeared on The Voice. As it transitions into the lives, he’s sure to get a flood of votes as long as he keeps singing just like he has been from the start.

But what many of Fenley’s new fans, including some of y’all, don’t realize is that you’ve actually seen him perform on television before. It’s likely you just don’t remember.

You see, it turns out that Fenley was previously a contestant on America’s Got Talent…all the way back in 2013!

Not only was Fenley a competitor on America’s Got Talent, but he was a semi-finalist. During his time on the show, he impressed the judges and viewers with his performances of songs such as “Say You’ll Be There” by the Spice Girls and Alex Clare’s “Too Close.”

Those of you who have been watching Fenley on The Voice may be scratching your heads over those song choices. Why would a bonafide country boy be singing pop hits on reality TV?

As Fenley explained in an interview with Country Living, he never felt that those songs defined him as an artist. That’s a huge part of the reason why he feels he didn’t make it further in the competition.

“I didn’t think that I represented myself well on AGT,” he said. “I didn’t sing songs that were what I wanted. I was going out there on America’s Got Talent singing a Spice Girls song, come on.”

How His Past Influences Him On The Voice

Fenley knows that experience on America’s Got Talent has prepared him for his stint on The Voice. He now knows that he can be truly honest about the type of artist he is, and wants America to see that.

If I was going to leave it all out there for people to see, I wanted to do something that identified me as an artist or as a writer,” he said. “I just really wanted America to have a better look at who I am, and give it one more honest shot.”

Well from the looks of it, he’s giving it a fantastic shot!

Do y’all remember watching Fenley during his America’s Got Talent days? Whether you do or don’t, we’re sure y’all will still enjoy watching one of his old performances from the show below. It shows how far he’s come since then!