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Remembering Ray Price, The Country Hall Of Famer With The Golden Voice

Tennessee Star Journal

When Ray Price passed away on December 13, 2013, one of the golden voices of country music died along with him. But today, that voice lives on through his many memorable songs and performances.

Price was born on January 12, 1926 in Wood County, Texas. He started singing and playing guitar during his teenage years, but originally went to college to pursue a career as a veterinarian. After being drafted into World War II and returning to finish college, Price decided not to continue on to vet school, choosing instead to pursue a career in music.

His decision led to a more successful career than he probably ever could have imagined. Price got started on a radio show called Hillbilly Circus before moving to Nashville, where he roomed with Hank Williams for a short time. Following William’s death, Price managed his band, The Drifting Cowboys, and experienced chart success with the song “Release Me.”

As Price continued on in his career, he became one of the champions of 1950’s honky tonk music, and also developed what became known as the “Ray Price Shuffle,” which is a 4/4 arrangement of honky tonk with a walking bass line.

Price was also known for his deep, baritone voice and wide range, oftentimes being praised as one of the best male singers in country music history. 

In honor of what would have been Price’s 91st birthday, we’d like to pay tribute to this legend and Country Music Hall of Fame member with some of his many memorable songs.