10-Foot Snake Skin Found At Australian Construction Site – Citizens Warned To Watch For Boa

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

If you happen to live in Sydney, Australia, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for a ten-foot boa constrictor.

7NEWS.com.au reports that the NSW government issued a warning to those living in at the Cascade Estate in the Sydney suburb of Silverdale on October 11. The warning, which came through a letter, states that the NSW department of industries has “reason to believe an adult Boa constrictor snake” is on the loose in the area.

The warning came after a newly shed snake skin was found at a construction site near the Cascade Estate in Silverdale. 7NEWS reports that the snake skin measured three meters in length, or approximately 9.8 feet.

7 NEWS Australia / YouTube

While residents are encouraged to report any boa sightings, they are being told to stay far away from the snake. The letter from the NSW government states that the snake is a “serious threat to wildlife and humans.”


A Department of Industries spokesperson spoke with 7NEWS about the loose snake. The spokesperson said that if found, the snake will be taken to a vet once it is captured.

The snake will be examined to determine where it came from, how long it has been in the area, what it has been eating, whether it’s carrying any diseases of concern and whether it has produced offspring,” said the spokesperson.

The reason why there is so much concern surrounding this snake is because it is not native to Australia. They are actually native to South America.

You can learn more about the loose Silverdale boa by tuning in to the video below.