100-Million-Year-Old Spider With Scorpion Tail Found Trapped In Amber

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A 100-million-year-old spider was found trapped in a ball of amber in Myanmar (Burma), Asia and it had a scorpion tail!


“The material is stunning in the quality of its preservation,” Greg Edgecombe, from the Natural History Museum said. “It throws up a combination of characters that initially seems alien to an arachnologist.”

The freaky-fanged, eight-legged, silk-producing, scorpion-tailed bug is unlike any other living spider today. It was first reported on in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution in February of 2018 and the report said it’s most likely the earliest branch of the Araneae ever discovered. The find proved there was a lineage of tailed spiders.


The length of the spiders were about two-tenths of an inch, including the tail that was twice the length of the body, so they were extremely tiny. The tail was not used for attacking as you may think, but a sensory organ that helped the spider move around and know what’s around it.

Scientists gave it the name Chimerachne yingi, which means “chimera spider.” The word Chimera comes from the ancient Greek mythological hybrid creature that had body parts from more than one animal.

The bug is so old, scientist can only guess what its life was like: “We can only speculate that, because it was trapped in amber, we assume it was living on or around tree trunks,” USA Today reported.

Video Below On The Scorpion-Tailed Spider