1000 People Get Together To Play AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”

Rockin' 1000 / YouTube

A band with over 1000 members got together in the biggest football arena called Stade de France, located in Saint-Denis, France, and simultaneously played AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” and 18 other rock songs.


The band is called the Rockin’1000 and it’s famously known as the “biggest band in the world.” When they performed at the Stade de France over 55,000 people attended. The 250 guitarists, 250 singers, 250 drummers, and 250 bassist gathering to play together was something that had never been done before.

“Rock makes it impossible to stand still, it pushes you to fight authority, to show your feelings, to get to know people, to face new situations,” Rockin’1000 wrote on their wesbite.


They all played the songs perfectly in tune on June 29th, 2019, and it was beautiful to hear. With multiple camera angles to catch it all on film, they were able to capture the intense energy in the building. People from all over the world have joined the band and met up regularly to play together.

The band originally got together in 2015 as a stunt to try to get the band Foo Fighters to visit their hometown, in which it worked. That got a lot of attention, so they decided to keep the band going. Take a look at the whole concert in the video below.