11-Year-Old Blind Dog Gets “Seeing Eye Puppy” To Help Him In Final Years

Instagram / Charlie And Mav

This beloved 11-year-old golden retriever has gone viral after losing his eyesight to disease and then getting his own little seeing eye puppy who has helped him lead a much more fulfilling life.

Charlie, Adam and Chelsea Stipe’s treasured companion for more than a decade, tragically lost his eyes after a battle with old age and glaucoma. He first had his left eye removed in 2016 and was still able to function with the right one, but just a year later, they had to have the right eye removed because of the same condition.


Following his surgery, the Stipes also welcomed their first child into the world. Finally, they decided that they wanted to have their new baby grow up with a dog and they thought they’d get one to provide Old Charlie with some much-needed companionship – especially with all the stuff he’d been through.


They snapped up a little pup and named him Maverick. Before too long, this 4-month-old fluff ball was doing something shocking to his parents – and heartwarming all at the same time.


Without any extra training, the young pup began helping out Charlie with a few things around the house! He began walking close to Charlie and helped him avoid obstacles that might be in his way.

“When they would play, Maverick would realize that Charlie would lose the toy sometimes, so he would pick it up and put it back in front of him to re-engage playtime,” Chelsea Stipe explained in an interview with NBC Philadelphia.

Above that, Maverick will lead Charlie with the leash (while one of the Stipes holds the long part) and will share space with him in the window on a drive.


It’s clear that Maverick’s natural instincts to protect his family are already kicking in and he takes his duties very seriously – even making sure Charlie stays on the couch for a nap!


Sadly, Charlie passed away in July 2019, but his story – and friendship with Maverick – still brightens our day.


Watch Charlie and Maverick’s beautiful story from NBC Philadelphia below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.