1st Grader Honors Late Nana By Singing Cody Johnson’s “‘Til You Can’t”

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First Grade Student Pays Tribute To His Late Nana With Touching Performance Of “‘Til You Can’t” By Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson packs an emotional punch in his 2021 single “‘Til You Can’t.” The track was written by Ben Stennis and Matt Rogers, and was featured on Cody’s album Human: The Double Album.

“‘Til You Can’t” shares a message about living life to its fullest until your dying day. The impactful lyrics and Johnson’s powerful delivery led millions of people to connect to the song.

“‘Til You Can’t” reached the #1 spot on both of Billboard‘s country charts. It also crossed over to claim the #18 position on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100.

The song won the CMA Award for Single of the Year. Its songwriters also won the Grammy for Best Country Song at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Watch One Young Cody Johnson Fan Perform “‘Til You Can’t” During His School Talent Show

As proof good music can resonate with anyone of any age, a young Cody Johnson fan named Taylor was inspired to sing “‘Til You Can’t” at his school talent show.

Taylor, who is in the first grade, stepped up to the microphone without hesitation. He delivered a moving performance, leaving everyone in tears.

His mother shared a video of his performance on TikTok. She captioned it:

“My First Grader’s performance at his Talent Show! Had teachers, parents, and myself in tears!! So proud of my boy!”

A screenshot showcasing the TikTok video of a first grader covering "'Til You Can't" by Cody Johnson
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Taylor’s mom shared some additional context in the comments. That context made it clear why “‘Til You Can’t” means so much to her son.

As she explained, Taylor’s nana recently passed away. He wanted to sing “‘Til You Can’t” at his school talent show to honor her.

“He wanted to sing this song for his nana, who passed away this past July, and it fit so perfectly!” Taylor’s mom said in the TikTok comments.

You can head below to watch Taylor’s touching performance of “‘Til You Can’t.” His nana would surely be proud of him…