20-Foot Great White Shark Sneaks Up On Divers A Mile Off Of Palm Beach

Jim Cocci / Facebook

Scuba divers swimming one mile off the coast of Palm Beach spotted a 20-foot great white shark lurking around a location called The Breakers Reef. The divers were on a chartered trip with the Walkers Dive Charters that took them from Riviera Beach to this spot to swim.

They were floating near the bottom when they spotted the massive shark swimming up to investigate. The divers quickly pulled out their cameras to take and pictures and videos of the beautiful creature.

“Today all of my dreams came true and I got to hang out on the reef with a Great White Shark!!! Best Day ever!!” wrote Margaux Frankel on her Facebook page.

Fortunately, the water was fairly clear and the shark was visible even at a distance, making it perfect for the divers to get pictures and videos of the shark. OCEARCH, a company that tags sharks and tracks their movements by attaching a satellite to their dorsal fin had not tagged this shark. No tag was visible on the shark.

Jim Cocci, was the man who filmed the video and mention in the comments that he was about 20 feet away from the shark as it swam close to them. The divers were extremely pleased to share that moment with the shark.

Watch Shark Swim Close To Divers In Video Below