260-Foot “Fire Tornado” Rips Across Farmland

Twitter / @midianinja

Some of the clearest footage ever captured of a massive, spiraling fire tornado has been released as firefighters and farmers tried to take control of a blaze that had decimated farmland in south-central Brazil.

As onlookers watched, this wildfire quickly spawned a massive, rare, fire tornado right in front of their eyes – and the swirling vortex of flames rose to at least 260 feet, if not more.

According to The Mirror, locals close to the GO-210 highway in Santa Helena de Goias area said that there were explosions going off inside the fire tornado as winds blew harder.

La Republica reported that the situation was handled by local officials who regained control of the blaze after the tornado spawned, but another fire tornado emerged just two days later at a cane plantation nearby.

Fire tornados, while rare, are not unheard of – in fact – the Carr Fire that burned millions of acres in California in 2018 had an even larger fire tornado that stretched more than 1,000 feet across.

Watch the footage of this huge fire tornado in Brazil below.