3 Men & 3 Dogs Take Down 411-Pound Feral Hog After Breaking Into Golf Course

News 4 San Antonio / Facebook

A company called Lone Star Trapping made a huge catch in early September 2019. They were made aware of a massive feral hog who had broken into a golf course in Bexar County, Texas.

Since 2016, Lone Star Trapping has been located in the San Antonio area, and has removed over 3,000 hogs, according to Wyatt Walton, who works for the company.

Texas A&M’s AgriLife Extension says that feral hogs usually weigh around 200 pounds, with a large one weighing 300. The hog Lone Star Trappers had to remove on September 12th weighed a whopping 411 pounds.

The company uses cameras and electronic traps to capture wild pigs, but this particular one, Walton says was “trap educated.”


A Black Mouth Cur – a highly trained tracking dog – and two American bulldogs caught the hog and held it by its ears while Walton wrestled it to the ground to tie it up.

It took three men to carry the massive hog into their trailer to take it to a processing center. They captured two feral hogs that evening. One significantly smaller than the 411-pound one! See the pictures below.


The Beaumont Enterprise says that “this [hog] was the largest the company has ever dealt with in San Antonio.”

Walton says that with the population of San Antonio growing, the “work isn’t over” trying to keep feral hogs out of populated areas. At the beginning of September, the state of Texas made it legal to hunt feral hogs without a license.