3-Year-Old Belts Out Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again’

Jared Deason YouTube Channel

Willie Nelson is one of those artists that has the power to appeal to multiple generations. People young and old enjoy listening to his music, including one adorable little girl named Rylan.

When Rylan was only three years old, her dad managed to capture one of the cutest videos we’ve ever seen. It turns out that Rylan is a big fan of Willie’s, and she absolutely loves his hit song “On the Road Again.”

Any time someone thinks of Willie, “One the Road Again” is likely one of the first songs that comes to mind. It was one of his many chart-topping hits, and went on to become one of his signature songs.

“On the Road Again” has been covered and parodied so many times that even non-country fans are familiar with the tune. Since it is such a cornerstone in country music, it was one of the three songs featured in the mega mashup “Forever Country” in 2016. Willie sang on a portion of the song, and was also featured in its accompanying music video.

As great as the “Forever Country” video was, the sweetest version of “On the Road Again” has to be Rylan’s. The clip her father shared of her little performance is only a minute long, but it contains more cuteness than any person could handle.

Rylan’s father provided some background music for her by playing the guitar. But you can hardly hear the sound of the guitar over Rylan’s singing. She has to be one of the most passionate singers that we’ve ever heard!

Rylan sings “On the Road Again” like only a three-year-old child could. She seems to have the chorus down pat, but gets a bit confused about the other parts of the song. At one point she can just be heard singing gibberish when she isn’t quite sure what the words are. But she does so with enthusiasm!

One of the most adorable parts of the video comes when Rylan ends up singing one of the lines wrong. You know the part when Willie sings “Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
about halfway through the song? Well Rylan’s way of singing that line is even better. She replaces “band of gypsies” with a different word, singing, “Like a banjo we go down the highway.” Imagine a banjo just rolling down a highway somewhere!

You’re sure to get a good chuckle out of Rylan’s video once you watch it below. Keep on signing little gal!