3,000 Hand-Carved Pumpkins Displayed At Victorian Home Built In 1891

photo credit: Steven Wayne Rotsch

3,000 Hand-Carved Jack-O-Lanterns

Ric Griffith, the former mayor of Kenova, a small town in West Virginia owns a Victorian home built in 1891 and every year along with a few helpers he carves out 3000 pumpkins and displays them in the front yard.


How The Pumpkin House Became Famous

The spooky jack-o-lantern home is such a sight to see it has received nationwide media attention and has even been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, segments of NBC’s The Today Show and many other media outlets.

“It’s one of those things that there was no intent or plan,” Mr. Griffith said. “It just evolved out of a variety of factors and the response that people had to it.”

It all started 30 years ago when Mr. Griffith decided to carve a pumpkin for each of the 3000 residents living in the town and ever since it’s been known as The Pumpkin House. He’s traditionally done it each year and it’s grown into a popular attraction that attracts more than 30,000 visitors from all around the country.

photo credit: Steven Wayne Rotsch


Ready For Display October 26th

Like clockwork, Mr. Griffith, his three daughters, and their friends sit down on October 19th and work all day carving about 400-500 pumpkins per day. He designs and draws the patterns on the pumpkins while volunteer kids scoop out the insides. Then they hand them over to the adult helpers to carve out the jack-o-lanterns.

Once everything is cut out they decorate the outside of the home and front yard with candlelit pumpkins just in time for the town’s C-K Autumnfest. A yearly Halloween-themed festival which includes a parade.

This year the project is expected to be completed and ready for viewing on October 26th and will remain on display for 7-10 days.