Pro Bowler Throws 140 MPH Strike From Stock Car

YouTube / Jason Belmonte

Fastest Strike On The Planet

Australian pro-bowler Jason Belmonte teams up with Stewart-Haas RacingĀ NASCAR driver, Aric Almirola, to set the World GoBowling record for the fastest strike ever at 140 mph.

YouTube /
Jason Belmonte

How They Plan To Break The World Record

He plans to do this by sitting in the passenger’s side of the Aric’s Ford Mustang NASCAR Cup racer as they travel around the track at top speed. Once they reach the speed of 140 mph Jason will throw the blowing ball out the window attempting to knock down the pins.

They get ready by setting 10 pins at the end of the long straightaway at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Obviously, Jason can’t hang his arm out the window with a normal bowling ball traveling at that speed so they create a custom-made rubberized bowling ball specifically designed for the task.

YouTube /
Jason Belmonte

They Make The Attempt And Succeed

They drive around the track and throw the ball, but it misses on the first throw. Next time the same thing happens, they miss. The third time they come blazing through and the ball perfectly smashes into the pins knocking them all down.

It’s quite impressive to watch and the guys drive away smiling from ear to ear as they break the world record. You’ve got to watch the video below and witness the strike for yourself!