5 Things You Never Knew About Troy Gentry

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One half of country music’s hardest-rocking duos, this iconic singer has come to be known for his unforgettable songs, undying patriotism, and support for incredible causes that help change lives.

While thousands of devoted Montgomery Gentry fans know nearly everything there is to know about the duo, we have a feeling that there are still some fun facts out there about Troy Gentry that they never knew – and we’ve rounded a few of them up in this article!

His First Band

Before forming the high-charting country duo he’s known for today, Troy and Eddie were actually in a band together early on in their careers. The first band was called Early Tymz and they played together, with Eddie’s brother, for a couple years in the early 90s before Troy decided to pursue a solo career. He later re-joined Eddie and together they created one of country’s favorite bands: Montgomery Gentry.

The Talent Show

While in pursuit of a solo career, Troy decided to enter a very well-known talent show in hopes of getting some recognition. He took home the top prize in 1994’s Jim Beam National Talent Contest, but later reunited with longtime friend and singing partner, Eddie Montgomery.

Batman Plays A Big Role In His Life

Just like a lot of folks, Troy is a huge Batman fan, but this country superstar shows his dedication in some very unique and creative ways! A collector of many Batman-themed items, Troy has his tour bus decked out in various custom Batman pieces, but recently he took it up a notch or two!

During a stopover in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Troy stopped by an incredible craftsman who is known for making custom-designed replicas of the original 1966 Batman TV Series costume – and even cuts it from the original fabric used! Needless to say, the costume is a true masterpiece!

His Marriage Began In Paradise

One of country music’s greatest love stories, Troy and Angie Gentry’s marriage literally started off in paradise when they tied the knot during a stunning and sweet ceremony in Maui.

Together they have one daughter named Kaylee, who was born in 2002, and is named using a combination of both of their middle names, Kay and Lee.

He Once Opened For Several Country Legends

In between pursuing a solo career and reuniting with Eddie again, Troy got the chance to perform with some huge country legends like Patty Loveless, Tracy Byrd, and Eddie Rabbitt.

All in all, Troy Gentry has definitely solidified himself as one of today’s best Southern rock and country performers out there. With a lengthy history of experience in all sorts of musical situations, it’s easy to see how he and Eddie Montgomery quickly rose to the top.