81-Year-Old Grandmother Goes Sledding Down A Snowy Hill

WSMV News 4, Nashville / Facebook

An 81-year-old grandmother proved that you never get too old to enjoy a snow day. 

In a video shared to WSMV News 4, Nashville, Edith Adams charmed viewers with her youthful spirit. After a snow storm passed through Tennessee, Adams joined her grandkids and great-grandkids for some sledding. The grandmother slid across an icy slope while her husband, 87, waited at the bottom of the small hill. 

“Hear I come!” the Dickson County resident squealed with delight as a family member helped guide her down the hill. 

WSMV News 4, Nashville / Facebook

Adams giggled the whole way down the hill while other family members cheered and laughed along. When the grandmother made it to the hill’s bottom, she lost balance and slowly fell over into the snow. Adams’ heartwarming moment created a lasting memory for the whole family, and it also brought a smile to thousands of social media users. Some viewers were even inspired to share videos of their own grandparents in the snow.

“Goes to show that you’re never to old to have fun!” wrote Johnnie Thurston after viewing the clip.

Would you go sledding at age 81? Watch the full view below!


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