Tornado Sucks Dog Out Of Home, Returns Hours Later / video screenshot

Brittany Memory was sleeping in her home in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina with her son when her little Yorkshire Terrier, Penny woke her up in the middle of the night barking. / video screenshot

The power in the home had just gone out and Brittany sat straight up on the bed to grab her phone and turn on the flashlight. It was at this time that Brittany said it sounded like a train was outside her bedroom and she grabbed her son to protect him.

The EF-3 tornado ripped a massive hole in the bedroom wall right behind the bed and sucked Penny out of the back of the house. Brittany couldn’t believe her eyes.

“She flew out right here in the back with all my covers. It ripped the sheets off my bed. She was just bundled up in it,” Brittany told Live 5 News. / video screenshot

Brittany was terrified and thought that was the end for Penny. Brittany was fortunate enough to get to safety and as they ran out of the room, her son kept asking about the dog. Brittany told him that Penny will be okay, she’s an animal, and that God’s got her.

A few hours later after the storm had calmed down, Penny eventually found her way back to her home. She was wet, cold, shivering, traumatized, and had a little bit of glass stuck in her, but for the most part, unharmed. Brittany took Penny to the vet and she said Penny would be alright.